2014 Trip UK and Paris

10th Anniversary Fling in Paris

- Naomi's and Andy's Wedding -

Le petit dejeuner. You can't be a lazy Parisien breakfast. We stayed in the French Quarter, virtually on the campus of the Sorbonne.

The same charming Paris I first encountered in 1975.

We got great weather, as is so often the case when Thedra and I travel.

I really think this is a beautiful city.

Notre Dame from the river.

We were also only a few blocks from the the Seine and Notre Dame, great location.

Trucking around, chilling, taking pictures. We've had fun doing the same in New York, London and Dumblin, Beijing..., Shanghai was too hot:)

Just a couple of relaxing, fun days; just taking pictures, sightseeing and eating!

Our stay was a few weeks before the French Open, but we did the tour at Roland Garros

This was a dream for Thedra, seen here at the press room.

...the highlight of the tour, seeing behind-the-scene areas Rafael Nadal's locker

April in Paris with my very best friend.

- Naomi's and Andy's Wedding -

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